Electrical Drafting and Detailing Services

We provide the following Detailing and Drafting services in Electrical:

  • Control panel layouts such as PLC containing MCB, transformer, ELCB, contactor, relays, push buttons etc.
  • Electrical Schematic diagrams such as Cable Feeder Bay Schematic Diagram, Transformer Bay Schematic Diagram, Bus Sectionaliser Bay Schematic Diagram, Bus Coupler Bay Schematic Diagram, Auxiliary Transformer Bay Schematic Diagram, Shunt Capacitor Bay Schematic Diagram, AC/DC Distribution Schematic Diagram etc.
  • Control Circuits, Terminations Diagrams, LV/HV electrical devices, Panel Schedule, Material List
  • Arrangements such as general substation site layouts, switchgear layout plan and arrangements, control room general arrangement, power transformer general arrangement, auxiliary transformer general arrangement and neutral earthing resistor general arrangements.
  • Create solar Array arrangements with the cable/wiring numbers and single line diagram after electrical system study of the existing sites.
  • Layouts, risers and details for telecommunication systems, audio video systems, security systems, PA systems and system integration.
  • Control, metering and SCADA interface principle diagrams
  • Cable/harness and Wiring diagrams
  • Single line diagrams such as single line diagram with relaying and metering, overall single line diagram, AC/DC supply single line diagram, substation distribution board single line diagram etc.
  • Lighting layouts depicting different Lighting fixtures, Emergency and Egress Lighting, Occupancy Sensors etc.
  • Power Layouts depicting Receptacles, Microwave, Cabinet Heater, Refrigerator, Freezer, Ice Machine, Coffee Machine etc.
  • Power Equipments, Luminaries, Devices counts

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